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I just received the most amazing fic. Suikoden V for those of you who know it, Lelei/Lucretia (mainly) and absolutely beautiful.

A Matter of Translation
Well, back at my parents.

There are currently kittens everywhere!They're still pretty tiny, but now their eyes are open they are getting everywhere. Sadly the cutest was claimed by a family friend, but my sister is going to keep one of the others.

I'm getting really excited about Yuletide this year. There are quiet a few greyed out storied in fandoms I check. Glee!

In other Xmas news, I've watched parts of Wonderful Life and Muppets, eaten chocolate and cheese and gingerbread. I'm happy.

Dear yuletide author

Dear yuletide author

Thankyou so much for signing up, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you write. Now let's see if I can provide some useful information about the things I like.

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Long time in the making

I'm currently back at my parents house for the week, pet sitting while they're away on holiday. Not to be taken lightly as this involves: 3 cats (one a hyperactive kitten, one heavily pregnant), an aged and ailing (and smelly) dog, 4 chickens, several fish, 6 large corn snakes, a horse and a pony. Still, it's a nice change of pace and the first time I've been back in about half a year. It's my firs time seeing the kitten.

I've brought heymicster back with me, with the intention of working on 'The Game'.

I suspect that 'The Game', is a concept that jiggles around in the mind of many a programmer who has any interest in videogames. This one has been jiggling around in heymicster Mind starting with an astronomy lecture in 2003, his first year in Uni. It was introduced to me a year or two later... and has been in some state of 'Development' ever since.

There was a reasonable amount of work doe on it while I was in uni. I did quiet a few charter sketches (I still have these). It's next significant incarnation was when we had both started work.

In order to test the plot, we run it as a two year long tabletop game. It was epic, it was awesome and it was fun. It also proved to us that the core of the plot was sound. Players didn't break it too badly and it provided us with some excellent ideas.

It then fell by the wayside for a bit, being revived for a week two years ago when we both took a week out of work to try and pin more of the (updated) plot down. Working on google wave we tossed ideas back and forth and got a rough outline of a little under half.

Now, almost exactly two years after we picked it up again. Ideas had been loosely tossed around in the meantime and there were a lot of changes. However, as of several hours ago I have a google doc roughly listing the entire sequence of events. It's done as bullet points. It's very rough. There are bits that need a lot of filling in. But I can see the whole thing at last. I have something to work off.

It's 20 pages long. And it's just a rough outline of the main plot. Not side quests. Not optional extras. Not all the little details we wanted to add. Not all the reasoning why. Not all the things we've forgotten and will add in later.

20 Pages and nearly 6000 words. Whew.
Ever had one of those stupid 'never meeting love' type pairings? Where the two characters have probably never spoken to each other over the course of the books/show/manga?

But then, you get The Idea.

X needs someone to protect. Y would help balance them out. Plus it'd be funny, and awkward, and cute.

And boom you ship it?

Of course, there's no fic, and you can't really be bothered to write any, it's just that little idea in the back of your mind.

Well, I had one. A really, really dumb one.

Then the latest D.Gray Man chapter came out.

They. Are. Going. On. A. Sodding. Adventure. Together.



May. 23rd, 2011

Sooo, I may have just spent a day eating raw cookie dough and watching My Little Pony? This is normal behaviour right?

In my defence, My Little Pony: Friendship is magic is actually hilarious. By the same person who did the Powerpuff Girls I believe. Also, I was born in the 80's.


It has been a fun, though busy, Halloween. There was gaming on Friday night, a pub crawl on Saturday and a party on Sunday. Hopefully some of the pictures will be popping up on Facebook soon. I generally avoid Facebook, but I'll make an exception for those!

And what makes it even better? Texting my manager at 8.30pm this evening and asking if I could use the 1/2 day of holiday I have left for Monday morning and him saying yes... and a bottle of ginger wine that I could then drink without worrying.


Oct. 24th, 2010

Friday night was heymicster's birthday party with a hint of very late house warming thrown in. 8 odd months late in fact. There were a lot of... wigs actually. I'm not entirely sure how that happened looking back, but it made sense at the time. I may actually have to go on face book for once, so I can see the pictures.

Finally got round to cross checking various rail fares for Japan. It was debatable whether we would be better off with a 7 day or 14 day rail pass. It's looking about even at the minute, but that doesn't account for local trains, so the 14 day may just be better. Plus it means more freedom to change plans later.

Sunday was this weeks Exalted session, displaced from it's normal Friday slot. I finally got to use my magical transformation sequenceoccult morphing transition and there was highly improbable use of magic to counter. Also, endless jugs of wine are the infinite ammo cheat when you are a Twilight with a beer gun and a fire to put out.

We also managed to fit in a few rounds of dominion with the new prestige expansion, and a round of the Knights and Cities version of Catan. Both of which were really interesting, though samurite caused an amazingly short game with one combination of cards in prosperity.

All in all a fun weekend, though I did completely forget to fix my bike.

Oct. 19th, 2010

I love my bike, I really do. It gets me pretty much everywhere I need to go, and can bypass most of the Bristol city centre traffic. It lets me manage crazy scheduling like work until 5.30pm, had to uni for evening class at 6.30pm - 8pm, cycle to karate for training at 9 - 10:45, cycle home and be through the door around 11.30.

The past two months however I seem to have hit a spate of bad luck with it.

First the back tyre got a puncture. Not so bad, I brought an inner tube and decided to tackle changing it myself. I got distracted along the way and ended up cleaning the entire bike. While in my pyjamas (my bike was rather dirty, I didn't want to get my clothes dirty, it was logical I swear). Eventually that was done and it was time to put the inner tube in. I'd never done this before, but it seemed fairly straight forward. I managed to wrestle it in an pumped it up.


The new tube immediately goes flat. Careful inspection of the type doesn't reveal anything sharp so I suspect I got it caught between the rim and the tyre somehow.

So I buy another one and put that in. All is fine for about a week.

Until the taxi driver opened the door into me while I was going at quiet a pace downhill and sent me flying. Fortunately there wasn't any cars behind me and I landed fairly well. I walked away from that one with only bruises.

The bike didn't. The bike had a bit of the chain mechanism twisted in such a way that it dug into the tyre so that the tyre couldn't even spin. I was rather glad then that it's made of aluminium and is fairly light, because I had to carry it nearly 3 miles home. That took a trip to the bike shop to fix.

Still, it was back and working, until I got out of my Japanese class today, got on it to cycle to karate...

And found the tyre was flat. Same one.


At least I could wheel it this time.